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Aadita Jain

Aadita Jain (Born November 24, 1994) is an Indian actress and dancer who rose to fame with her roles in 'Mudda 370 J&K' and 'KumKum Bhagya'
Birthday : November 24
Age : 29 years
Nationality : Indian

Aadita Jain Wiki

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► Home Town : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
► Living In : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
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► Who is Aadita Jain?

Aadita Jain, born on November 24, 1994, is an emerging talent in the Bollywood industry. Making her film debut in “Mudda 370 J&K” (2019) and her television debut in the popular series “KumKum Bhagya” on Zee TV, Aadita has quickly gained recognition for her acting prowess. Not just an actress, she is also a self-trained semi-classical dancer and a well-renowned model, boasting numerous awards in these fields. Her journey in entertainment began with a childhood cameo as a dancer in “Aur Pappu Pass Ho Gaya.” Additionally, she is known by another name, Surbhi Jain.

Rising Star: Early Life, Education, Family

From a young age, Aadita Jain displayed a natural flair for the performing arts. Born and raised in an environment nurturing her artistic talents, she delved into semi-classical dance, honing her skills through self-training. Her family’s support was crucial in her early forays into modeling and acting. Though specific details about her education and family life are not widely known, it’s evident that these aspects of her life have significantly contributed to her early career milestones and personal growth.

Spotlight Success: Career and Achievements

Aadita Jain’s career trajectory took a significant leap with her role as Anjali Pandey alongside Hiten Tejwani in “Mudda 370 J&K.” Her portrayal garnered attention and praise, marking her as a promising new face in Bollywood. She further showcased her versatility in “Manto Remix” (2022), playing the character Sajida, and in the TV series “Gandii Baat” (2020), where she appeared as Jyoti in a memorable episode. In 2022, Aadita continued to expand her acting credentials with her role as Priya in the TV series “Good Girls,” appearing in two episodes alongside a diverse cast. These roles highlight her acting skills and dedication to challenging herself with diverse characters.

Graceful Moves: Personal Life

Aadita Jain’s personal life, while not as publicly documented as her professional endeavors, reflects her deep commitment to the arts.

Last Updated : February 13, 2024

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