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Kogan Insurance

Kogan Insurance is an Insurance company in Australia offering car, home, pet, travel, and life insurance, backed by partners like QBE and Hollard

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Kogan Insurance Products & Services

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Do You Know About Kogan Insurance?

Kogan Insurance, a pioneering force in Australia’s insurance landscape, extends its reach beyond its well-established retail roots. Founded 2006 in a Melbourne suburb, Kogan quickly ascended as Australia’s premier online retailer, boasting a broad assortment of electronics and household goods. The company’s foray into insurance, in partnership with renowned insurers QBE and Hollard, marks a significant pivot towards offering comprehensive, affordable insurance solutions across various categories. Kogan Insurance’s head office is nestled in South Melbourne, VIC, a testament to its Australian heritage and commitment to serving the local community. Prospective and current customers can explore their offerings or seek assistance through their website at Kogan Insurance, where a wealth of contact details facilitates easy communication.

Elevating Security with Products and Services

Kogan Insurance distinguishes itself with an extensive suite of insurance products, ensuring a policy for virtually every aspect of life. From the assurance of comprehensive car insurance to the safeguarding of homes, the protection of cherished pets, the promise of secure travels, and the provision of life insurance, Kogan partners with industry giants to underwrite these services. Each product is designed with the consumer in mind, offering features like promotional discounts and credits on, enhancing their insurance offerings’ overall value and appeal.

Dedicated Assistance with Customer Services

Customer service is the bedrock upon which Kogan Insurance builds customer relations, emphasizing an easy, streamlined claims process. With an admirable effort to process 98% of claims within five business days, coupled with innovative services like VetChat for pet insurance holders, Kogan makes insurance management accessible and convenient. The company’s approach to life insurance, eschewing the need for medical exams, further exemplifies its commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction.

Kogan Insurance Good or Bad? Reviews and Ratings

Kogan Insurance’s venture into the insurance industry is met with varying degrees of reception, as evidenced by its mixed reviews across platforms like and Trustpilot. With specific product ratings ranging from admirable to areas needing improvement, it’s clear that customer experiences fluctuate. However, an average TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5 from over 15,000 reviews on Trustpilot suggests a moderate level of customer satisfaction, highlighting Kogan Insurance’s strengths and opportunities in its quest to redefine affordable insurance in Australia.

Kogan Insurance Products & Services

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