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Economical Insurance

Economical Insurance, innovating since 1871, offers trusted insurance solutions for Canadians, emphasizing customer care and a commitment to diversity

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Do You Know About Economical Insurance?

Economical Insurance, a key component of Definity, stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the Canadian insurance landscape. Founded in 1871 and headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Economical has carved a niche for itself, committed to being there for its customers when they need it the most. The company has embarked on a historic journey towards becoming a publicly traded entity, distinguishing itself as Canada’s first national Property and Casualty (P&C) insurer to pursue demutualization. With a workforce of 1,001-5,000 dedicated employees, Economical Insurance has made a solemn promise to its customers: to provide unwavering support and simplify the complexities of insurance during unexpected times. The company’s dedication to innovation, customer-centric approach, and inclusive workplace, endorsed by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), are core to its operations. For more information, visit Economical Insurance’s website.

A Tradition of Trust: Products and Services

Economical Insurance’s portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of insurance solutions tailored to meet the needs of over a million Canadians. From home and vehicle insurance to specialized coverage for farms and complex commercial operations, Economical offers reliable solutions that ensure peace of mind. The company’s innovative approach is exemplified by brands like Sonnet™, providing a simplified, digital insurance experience, and Petline™, offering insurance that cares for every household member, including pets. This diverse range of products and services is a testament to Economical’s commitment to fulfilling its promise to customers, backed by a long history of innovation.

Customer-Centric Excellence: Customer Services

A profound commitment to its customers is at the heart of Economical Insurance’s operation. The company’s robust and diverse teams are united to deliver reliable and efficient solutions, ensuring customers can swiftly return to normal lives following unexpected events. Economical’s approach to customer service is built on a foundation of trust, promising to be there when customers need them the most, making the insurance process as seamless as possible.

Leading with Integrity: Reviews and Ratings

Economical Insurance’s journey towards demutualization and its status as an Employer Partner of the CCDI highlight its leadership in fostering an inclusive, innovative, and customer-focused insurance marketplace. While specific customer reviews and ratings may vary, the company’s commitment to providing dependable solutions and services remains unwavering. Economical’s dedication to its customers and employees showcases a forward-thinking approach that respects its rich heritage while embracing the future of insurance. Economical Insurance’s AM Best A- grade shows its financial stability and capacity to meet policyholders’ needs.

Economical Insurance Products & Services

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